Digital Security Toolkit for Human Rights Defenders

7 February 2024

This toolkit is your guide to exploring Best Practices in Digital Security for Activists & Human Rights Defenders. Discover security features, tips, recommended applications, reactive measures, and how to apply them to enhance online safety.


Protect and Secure Your Accounts

  • Use a Strong Password; a long combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, or preferably, a passphrase in which an entire sentence is used as a password. 
  • Use a Password Manager App
  • Update your Email Address & Mobile Phone Number in your apps. 
  • Activate 2FA through “settings and privacy”. Use a security key or a trusted OTP (One-Time Password) app. 
  • Activate Login Alerts.
  • Keep your device and applications up-to-date.
  • Avoid clicking on unknown links, files and verify their source. 💡Tip: Check files or URLs

Protect Online Privacy

Communicate Safely

Reporting Account Issues

Protect Yourself in Crises

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